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Illustrating from the inside out

When the box is full ... it is best to empty it by illustrating, and that is when everything can happen.

Leaving the comfort zone is one of the most difficult things to do, as a graphic designer I have always developed works that my clients asked for or needed, but never from something that only I wanted...


To get around this situation and develop my own projects was like walking in endless circles... Until the moment I found a way out: Connecting with myself, it seems to be easy... But to silence out and listen to what comes from the inside it was one of the most difficult things to notice, right now I was going through an existential crisis living in Dakar, Senegal.

Simple routines started to change my thinking, like leaving a pad of paper always within reach after meditation, and that's how after almost 20 years I started drawing again!

I started drawing again and opened a YouTube channel to share this, right after migrating to Portugal I decided to go further and enrolled in two universities in Porto, by surprise the two accepted me and started another gym: working and studying at Belas Arts and ESAD at the same time.

The result of this is present in every illustration developed that today can be found around the world hanging from some wall.

Awakening what is asleep in us ... this is the goal I have every day when I wake up, and you? What's your problem?

To see more works access the social networks below where you will find not only jobs but also tutorials with step by step.

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