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Almost nothing of the same

With a degree in Graphic Design, Manuela Souza has used his skills in advertising, but also in experimental projects. Helping non-privileged African women, sharing their knowledge and teaching them how to be successful through their artistic abilities - and not by encouraging unrestrained consumption - has been a new path, which, despite being antagonistic to their profession of root is a source of personal pride.

Having lived in different countries, such as Brazil, Italy, Angola, South Africa, Sweden, Senegal and Portugal, Manuela was inspired by the colors, shapes, letters and symbols of antagonistic concepts such as the European and the African to create her pieces. Art seen not as poetry, but as the materialization of its multicultural experiences.


For the use of the pun with the expression “controversial”, the artist explains that this exhibition is a mixture of everything: mandalas, astrology, Frida Kahlo, the bottom of the sea, Portugal, African accessories. “There are those who think that this lack of unity may not match Design, but what I present in this exhibition are fragments of my life experiences. And life stories may be meaningless for some, but they can be engaging or motivating for others. ”


Mercado 48 |  Olá Breiner | Mercado na Invicta

Árvore| Oxala | Casa da Rainha

Cozy Yoga | Aqui a Volta | Cais a Porta

Icon Shop Pt | Delta Experience | D'Olival Home

Limbo Shop


Design Contra o Verso / Lisbon / 2017

Belas Artes / Porto / 2018

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